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Welcome to Community Mutual Aid

Anyone in the world has a dream or dreams, sometimes it feels like those dreams will never be realized or turn into a reality. Life can be very hard at times and you end up putting those dreams away simply because you are under financial strain. That is all about to change! welcome to a community of people that believe in helping one another turn dreams into a reality. Register for FREE and learn how you can turn your dreams to a reality, join our global community today and take a step toward financial freedom, you deserve it.


About CMA

CMA is not a bank, investment company, or get rich quick scheme. CMA does not collect money from anyone’s bank account. CMA is a community of people that understand it is more important to work together in order to beat the ‘unfair financial order' we live in today in this world, where only a few of the people enjoy and control the world's riches and wealth, where the rich keep on getting richer and the poor keep on getting poorer. CMA participants from all over the world, selflessly and unselfishly help each other to fulfil one another's dreams by donating among themselves in order to advance each other’s financial lives. They understand that nothing beats community work, CMA members understand that “together we stand, but divided we fall”.



The capitalists control how most of us live and how we get our money, hence the gap between the rich and the poor is widening every day. The rich are getting richer while the poor are getting poorer. People are living in debt that is created by the financial system, debt is meant to keep people in bondage for their whole lives. Systems like the financial institutions do not want people to live meaningful lives, have houses debt free, buy cars debt free but they always want people to borrow from them at ridiculous interest rates that accumulate every year.

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Donate & Earn

Be rewarded for your generosity, participate in helping one member of the community fulfil their dreams, and when your turn comes another member in the community will help towards fulfilling your dreams

Why Choose Us?

  • Fastest growing donation exchange in Africa
  • Fast and well maintained servers – NO UNSCHEDULED DOWN TIME AND SLOW SYSTEM.
  • Real bitcoin integration.
  • Auto confirmation when participating in bitcoins NO MORE FAKE PROOF OF PAYMENTS
  • Enjoy Speed bonuses – get rewarded for early confirmations.
  • We are all about sustaining the system, no greed to collapse the system
  • Re-Commitment structure to help sustain our community.
  • We value opinions of our members and make effort to live to their expectations
  • We believe in financial freedom for all, therefore we endorse digital currency technology.