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Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns CMA?
CMA has no owner, it was developed by a group of network marketers for the people, these networkers fully understand the donation exchange world and have their best interest at heart for the communities of the donation exchange world. “Created by the people for the people ".
Where does the 40% or 50% interest come from?
This is an algorithm calculation created in the system in order to motivate the participants of CMA.
Why re-commitment amount?
CMA is not a system to enrich a few while others are left stranded, we believe in financial freedom for ALL, so we have implemented re-commitment so that there will always be a balanced in-flow and out-flow of funds in the system so that our community can be sustained for long.
How many dreams can I create?
You can create as many dreams as you like, and withdraw from any of the matured dreams anytime.
After how long can I access my funds?
Created dreams are held for 30 days before they are available for withdrawal, so you may Claim your dream after 30 days.
When does the interest begin to grow?
Interest on a dream grows immediately when a dream is created, your dream grows even when you haven't actually deposited the money to another member. Your money grows while it's in your pocket .
For how long can I leave my money to grow?
Not more than 3 months, remember CMA is not a bank where you can leave your money for long without activity, CMA works better when members continually participate in the system, we recommend you create dreams and claim dreams every month to allow other participants to have a change to fulfil your dreams. DREAMS STOP GROWING AFTER THREE MONTHS.
Can I open multiple accounts?
NO – only one account is allowed per user, CMA has the technology to track members that operate more than one accounts, if you are found guilty all your accounts will be BLOCKED permanently and you will lose all your money for violating the community's rules.
Is CMA legal?
There is no law against people willingly giving money to each other, CMA is a peer to peer system that binds no one or force anyone to participate with their money.
What guarantees can I have that I will get my money back?
There are no guarantees at CMA, the community is run and controlled by its members, therefore we encourage kindness and honesty in every participant, Participate with SPARE money. Please read our warnings page to find out more about the risk.
Is CMA a Ponzi or Pyramid scheme?
NO - There is no central bank account at CMA where money will be deposited to, CMA does not collect money from your personal bank account, there are no payments that are paid to any central account in the name of CMA. CMA is a pure peer to peer donation exchange, members donate money to each other with no obligations.

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