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  • CMA is a software that is built to connect the people in order to help each other by giving each other financial aid. In these tough economic times where most people are living from pay cheque to pay cheque or rather from hand to mouth every month, there is a need for a system like CMA to help ease the financial strain that most of the people in the world are under.
  • CMA is not a financial institute or investment company, it is a program developed to facilitate the process in which the people can financially give help to one another, it is a technical program that connects the one who is willing to donate their SPARE money with the one that is requesting help or asking for their dreams to be fulfilled.
  • The capitalists control how most of us live and how we get our money, hence the gap between the rich and the poor is widening every day. The rich are getting richer while the poor are getting poorer. People are living in debt that is created by the financial system, debt is meant to keep people in bondage for their whole lives. Systems like the financial institutions do not want people to live meaningful lives, have houses debt free, buy cars debt free but they always want people to borrow from them at ridiculous interest rates that accumulates every year.
  • What if there was a way that people can rotate money among themselves and break the cycle of debt and lack? Financial institutes can afford to give people enough returns when they keep their money in their institutions but they are not doing that, rather they are charging people for keeping their own money in their institutions and charging them when they take it out also. Let's look at how these institutions operate, let's say John has 10 000 to invest at a bank he will only get between 3 – 7% back from his investment per annum; yes per year!! Which mean if John was given 7% return on investment in 12 months John would have 700 as interest for the whole year so in total he will have 10 700 at the end of the year. Now during that time Jane comes to the same bank to borrow 10 000 that John has invested the bank would charge Jane 30% interest back on the money she borrowed meaning she will have to pay back 13 000 which is 3 000 interest this is without monthly services fees so meaning actually the interest is more than 3 000, should Jane forfeit on her payment there will be more interest charged on her account. While at the same time poor John will only get 700 back while the bank used his money to gain way much more. And that is just one example. Financial institutes can make a 1000% interest in a day from money that ordinary people invest with them through means of trading in the foreign exchange markets, but they will only pay out 3 -7% interest when they can make much more.
  • A question was asked what if there was a better way to make sure people are not taken for granted in this manner? Well that is where CMA comes in, this is a tool that people can use to make sure that they can help each other, rely on each other as human beings who are compassionate for one another. With CMA you can participate with your SPARE money to help someone in the community fulfil their financial dreams, and in return you can be awarded with 40 – 50% per month.