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Rules and Warning

  • Age of participation is 18 years and older.
  • ONLY ONE account per member – multiple accounts in order to gain from referral bonus is not allowed. If a member is found to have more than one account that member will be Blocked and will lose all their money in the system.
  • Members cannot share bank or bitcoin accounts. One bank account per member and bank account must be in the member's name.
  • More than one bank account can be added so long they all belong to that member, and are in that member's name.
  • Contribution must be paid with 72hrs of the order being received and proof of payment attached or else the member's account will be BLOCKED.
  • Fake participants will be BLOCKED, attaching of fake proof of payment will result in that member's account blocked forever.
  • Guiders who send fake proof of payments to gain bonuses will be BLOCKED permanently and lose guider's status.
  • We ask all members to exercise honesty and kindness in our community, any mischief or unethical behaviour will NOT BE TOLERATED!!!